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I am a wife, mother, grandmother, small business owner, community volunteer and friend. I have lived in District 9 for more than 43 years. It breaks my heart to see it in decline. I want to change that! District 9 needs to be respected again, not ignored.

Crime is out of control, homelessness and panhandling are terrible and small businesses are hurting. The East Central/Route 66 corridor has been forgotten, overrun with homelessness and crime. Public Safety should be a priority.

  • I support ending the Sanctuary City Ordinance that encourages criminal behavior because there are no consequences.
  • I support our local Law Enforcement and believe they should have the tools and resources to be successful fighting these issues.
  • I support Economic Growth through business development.
  • I support Revitalizing the East Central/Route 66 corridor. It should be beautiful and welcoming as visitors enter our city.

I care about our District and want it to be thriving, beautiful, safe and a place where people want to live and work. When elected, I promise to serve the citizens of District 9 and the Albuquerque Community with grace and humility.

My Plan to Address Homelessness in District 9

My team is already looking into what other cities have done to successfully address homelessness issues. Our goal is to address the needs of homeless people living on the streets so we can again have clean, safe public space and grow businesses and jobs. I believe every homeless person is someone’s child and should be treated with compassion. As your City Councilor, one of the first things I will do is ask the following questions of the current city administration:

  • How does the city define homelessness?
  • What funding sources are being used to address homelessness (federal, state, local, non-government organizations (NGO’s)?
  • What services are being provided and how are they being coordinated?
  • What are the measures of success?
Finally, the root causes of homelessness should be considered in offering services. People who are homeless due to economic circumstances differ in their needs than those who are addicted to drugs.

Once we understand the city’s current processes and address the complexities of homelessness, we can develop and implement a strong plan that will meet the needs of many. We can bring safety, cleanliness, and businesses back to our city.


"Her deep community ties and business investment are strong attributes that would serve her and the city well”.
Albuquerque Journal
Robertson and Grout would ensure healthy balance on Council

The Albuquerque Police Officers' Association is proud to endorse you for City of Albuquerque City Council District 9.... The APOA is the largest police association in the state of New Mexico.

Our endorsement is based on your continued support for law enforcement and public safety as a whole. Your ability to understand the needs of public safety at the local level makes us believe that you are the best candidate to expand your support for law enforcement on the national level. You bring a common sense approach toward making decisions that will be fair, competent and based on the principles of what is right....
Shaun Willoughby - President - Political Action Committee Chairman - Albuquerque Police Officers' Association
View/Download Renee's APOA Endorsment Letter

I am supporting Renee Grout for City Council District 9 because I believe she will do what she says she will. I have known Renee for many years and have been with her when others have tried to get her to change her mind on an issue she feels strongly about and she stands her ground. The issue most important to me is city support for our police force, and I believe Renee when she says she will stand up for our law enforcement men and women and strive to improve their working conditions.
Karen Espinosa

I find Renee Grout’s qualifications for City Council to be:

  • Her integrity!
  • Her demonstrated success with her small business, where listening and asking questions to ensure she understands the root cause of a problem is critical to her success.
  • Her ability to bring out the best in those around her.
  • Her long history of commitment to her community through various volunteer organization.
I am honored to be part of her team, going door-to-door to visit with neighbors in District 9 about why I support her for City Council. The last time I supported a cause by going door-to-door, I was 9 years old and selling Girl Scout cookies! That’s how committed I am to Renee.
Mary Jane Hicks

I want to take this opportunity to unequivocally and without pause to endorse you for City Councilor for our District. Albuquerque City Council District 9 needs someone like you with your vision to fight for improving the quality of life in our District and in our City and to restore the Rule of Law in our City. Your family values, knowledge and experience as a lifelong resident of our District gives you a critical perspective of what must be done to establish a sense of public safety, fight crime and address the homeless and blight problems on the east central corridor. Your election is critically important for the future of our children, our families, the people and our District and the City of Albuquerque.

Linda and I wish you and your family the very best...!


Bob Martinez
Fraternal Order of Police

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