Elect Renee Grout to represent District 9 on the Albuquerque City Council

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, small business owner, community volunteer and friend. I have lived in District 9 for more than 43 years. It breaks my heart to see it in decline. I want to change that! District 9 needs to be respected again, not ignored.

Crime is out of control, homelessness and panhandling are terrible and small businesses are hurting. The East Central/Route 66 corridor has been forgotten, overrun with homelessness and crime. Public Safety should be a priority.

  • I support ending the Sanctuary City Ordinance that encourages criminal behavior because there are no consequences.
  • I support our local Law Enforcement and believe they should have the tools and resources to be successful fighting these issues.
  • I support Economic Growth through business development.
  • I support Revitalizing the East Central/Route 66 corridor. It should be beautiful and welcoming as visitors enter our city.

I care about our District and want it to be thriving, beautiful, safe and a place where people want to live and work. When elected, I promise to serve the citizens of District 9 and the Albuquerque Community with grace and humility.

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